Podcast #82 Where’s My Respect?

Rodney Dangerfield’s signature line was “I don’t get no respect!” He made disrespect amusing, but close-up life is a little different.

Our toss-about subject today revolves around figuring the place of respect and respectfulness in couplehood. Where does respect lie wrt the priorities of men and women? How important is knowing each other’s boundaries and trigger points? Does it change over time?


Podcast #80 Are Men The New Women?

A couple of weeks ago we posited that women are changing, heading towards being more like men.

In this podcast, Kregg and I explore the other side of that phenomenon, namely, are men morphing to be more like womenfolk? And if so, what’s the impact on us finding each other, and remaining coupled? Can we survive this shift in our relationships, or will the entire coupling scene change?

Find out what fun lies ahead for us all by listening!

Shacking Up: Podcast #29

When a couple set up house, is a stronger, deeper relationship the result? Here are my thoughts on why couplehood suffers when you choose to share and split the bills.