Trust Your Instinct

In another circumstance where most of us know intuitively whether something is working or not…

…comes this brilliant insight from a ‘leading psychologist’ – as opposed to an also-ran psychologist:

Shopping for and erecting IKEA furniture is a “…divorce-maker.”

Well, duh.

No, I am being too harsh. I think the conclusion is correct: that the stress of complicated co-operative domestic activities lays bare the raw differences between men and women. Pressure to succeed manifests differently in all of us, and like a split toothpaste tube, things might end up messy.

There is an upside. Well two, really. If  you are in the position of shopping with a beloved at IKEA, look upon it as a way to make the relationship stronger. Swallow your base reactions, and be the better man or woman. If you come out the other side with a bookcase that doesn’t collapse, maybe your romance is stronger than average.

And if you are just dating someone, put you and them under the microscope by going to IKEA and observing. That’s it; just watch. It’s all information you can use to discern whether it’s a match.

Beauty Parade

In business they call it a beauty parade.

I have a product or service I’d like your company to buy. Others offer a similar product or service. The purchaser arranges what amounts to a play-off, pitting likely suppliers against each other – not directly, but in some quasi-civilized lions and gladiators way.

As it is with dating. The twist in dating is that it is (almost) always the woman who must be wooed. She advertises for suppliers for the contract that any number of blokes might want to fulfill. Few are likely deemed acceptable to even bid. Depending upon the factors involved, maybe none of them will make the grade.

At which point the request for tender/contract application cycle begins afresh.

This, single men, is the beauty parade of which you are a part. Is your PowerPoint presentation up to snuff?