The Dance.

The Dance has remained static for a while. Quite a while, actually.

Men pursue, women choose.

Because women have eclipsed men their superiority has created a tension between formerly accepted dance moves and the new reality.

What to do when you are a woman accustomed to being out front socially and at work, but unaccustomed to taking the romantic lead?

What are the new steps for men previously used to being on top?

Is there some way to keep the dance the same with the new power gradient?


Moon Phases

Tonight is the occasion of this cycle’s new moon, which actually marks the beginning of the 28-ish day cycle. The new moon fails to grab our imagination like the full moon, for the simple reason that one is the presence of lots of light, and the other is not. We’re simple like that, no?

The other approximately 28-ish day cycle is that of the female repro-system. You – if you’re a male – probably fail to give much attention to this. Our half of the species prefers to slide right over the mechanics of internal lady plumbing, a reasonable response given as how there is a) nothing we can do do change it, and b) no input at all required from us.

Two important points are worth noting for men.

1. Women’s estrogen levels vary (sometimes alarmingly) during their cycle.

2. They don’t like it (for the most part) any more than us.

So in a sense, we’re all on the same page.


Knee Bone Connected to the Thigh Bone

Hedy Lamarr

The male predilection for tinkering with the mechanisms of things fails in the face of women. More than that, it’s an epic fail. Any quest to deconstruct the feminine and thereby figure out what makes her tick is a flawed endeavour.

And how do I know this, you ask?

Easy enough. I know that there is no Unified Theory of Women because women tell me that they don’t understand women. If ladies, with their multi-spectrum super intuitive lightning fast universal processing minds can’t quite nail their own kind, what hope men?

I’ll answer that: None.

And that’s good news for two reasons. The first is that men are not interested in figuring out women for completely altruistic reasons. We pursue understanding for understanding’s sake, but a part of us wants to know so we can manipulate you.

The second reason is that women are eternally fascinating to us precisely because you’re nebulous. That we are forever unable to quite claim that we truly know even one woman is immensely attractive. We return to you because of your mystery.