Podcast #91 Celebrate This

Meshing is an arcane and chaotic art, so when there’s a milestone to celebrate it’s smart to do so, even if it’s merely the six month anniversary of your first dog-walk together. (Presuming someone other than the dog remembers.)

Kregg and I dismantle and then rebuild coupling and making whoopee.

Podcast #90 Be Happy!

Dark and moody might work in movies and fashion models, but who wants to couple with dark and moody? Especially those fashion models; they seem overstrung and underfed to me. Ahem.

Happy people do better than those with a gloom-cloud sitting over their head, not least when attracting and keeping someone close. There. That’s the answer to everything. Unless you want to hear Kregg and me expand a little upon that idea…

Podcast #89 Do Our Priors Doom Us?

Unless you’re a unicorn and find yourself coupling perfectly, forever, with your first date, you have a relationships history. As we explore ourselves and our meshing skills, some people say we accumulate baggage; others call it experience. Or character. Let’s go with that.

Here’s how Kregg and I look at this murky business.

Podcast #88 Surviving Breakups

Coupling has a side-effect: de-coupling. Until we find the one with whom we want to spend our lives meshing energy, emotion and mind, we’ll make false starts, and false starts inevitably lead to real ends.

Ending relationships is a rite of passage. Knowing how inept we are at the beginning is the way this journey begins. Gradually we learn what we need to know about ourselves and the nature of coupling to make them stick…at least for a while.

Or not. Kregg and I bat the breakup blues around in this week’s podcast.

Podcast #87 Where’s The Mojo, Dude?

I am woman, hear me roar!

I am man, hear me…umm…take a selfie?

Where have all the men gone? Is male behaviour failing to keep pace with  what women want? Is there room in the sky for both of us to shine? What should we do – if anything – to keep up with the changed dynamics between sexes? Where did male mojo go?

Kregg and I put on a jacket and tie and polish our shoes to discuss.