There’s no telling when it will happen, but it will happen. The person you chose will reveal their most annoying habit, that one reservoir of behavior that will push your button every time.

Good dating protocols will prevent the worst of this, but everyone has a pool of stuff we’re gonna hate. Knowing that you dislike people who are dismissive of servants or road ragers or enjoy launching zingers is one thing; choosing to not couple with them is another. And yet one more thing is discovering that the person sleeping next to you has, out of nowhere, found an entirely new way to raise your blood pressure and prepare  you for war.

This is the risk of coupling, the stuff we think we can extrapolate from what we’ve observed, but cannot truly know until we’re committed. That’s the downside of accepting the upside and downside of someone.

My advice is simple: you must face them with your rage. In your weekly “No Repercussions Chat” or at the time you have predetermined you can open up to each other, you must vocalize what’s happening. If you don’t, it means you don’t care about yourself, your other half nor your relationship.

Talking about what launches your emotions has a funny way of muting them thereafter. And what do you have to lose? Nothing.