Sorting through old family photos and launching them into the cloud awakens long-dormant memories and emotions. Connecting the dots of our lives isn’t a daily priority, but when 100 years of evidence flashes across the screen, resisting is futile.

From this distance, it’s cleat that life is a series of phases. We could extrapolate that to something bigger, that everything is a kind of perpetual moving into, within and beyond a phase. The connective tissue between phases in all of our lives is the people, some of whom overlap, some of whom do not.

Change is inevitable. I wonder if coupling with a right person is about our mutual ability and willingness to stay with each other through life’s changes. That is an enormous ask, today more than ever. Phase direction and magnitude will always be unknowable. Not only will we have decades of unpredictability together, we don’t know how we as individuals will phase in and out, let alone the relationship or – gasp!- the world around us.

Choosing carefully remains critical…but we’ll never be certain.