What Are You Looking At?

Forget football and the beauty salon – according to a new study, women seek well-travelled, cultured and informed guys, while men seek ambitious, active and creative girls.

Meaningless of itself, a notion like this is valuable because it gives us permission to think independently. I, certainly, have allowed myself to walk down the pathway of thought that goes:

What should I be looking for?

This is the kind of group-think – or for that matter peer-think – that will get us into trouble. When we filter our interests, desires, likes, dislikes, imagination and dreams through anything but our own system, who knows what we’ll find.

All this goo-goo clustery assumes that our foundations are solid. Understanding what makes a good person, noting how our visceral is flawed and that love is not an emotion are the minimum structural requirements for successful relationships. Once we have our heads on straight-ish, then we can tailor our wants to our specifics.

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