Ready to Date?

Freedom is great and all but freedom without thinking can devolve into chaos.

Take dating, for example. Freedom to choose with whom we want to go on a date, the time, the place and the circumstances strikes me as enormously valuable. We humanoids yearn for connection with others, for all kinds of reasons – if that desire is stymied, we’re all worse off.

Freedom has (as they say in the laywerly trades) attaching responsibilities. If we’re planning to sell ourselves to another (not in the commercial sense, but in the marketing sense) we should be honest enough to be worthy. It’s a matter of trust. If we are planning to project as single, stable, sensible, solvent and studious, we should actually be those things or live in a nearby neighborhood.

On the other hand, if you’re deceptive, dangerous, dilapidated and dishonest, that’s when the chaos begins. Some folks become so accustomed to being one thing and acting another that they think the results are normal. These people give dating and coupling and marriage a bad reputation. For acute examples, see Hollywood.

This is one circumstance where the Golden Rule speedily and demonstrably works in our favor.

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