It has to be in our DNA, this ability we (guys) have to distinguish the female shape.

What am I thinking? Of course it’s genetic.

Our ability to find your curves in any kind of clutter would astonish women. In the jungle, in the city, in a desert, on tv, in cars: any time our eyes are open, the sight of the luvverly female form gets rushed directly to every part of our brain. Assessment of that lady then becomes our #1 priority, notwithstanding anything else. Oftentimes the decision as to whether we’re interested or not passes in fractions of a second, but still, in an average day we are held captive by this instinctive process for minutes. It adds up.

My point is that we learn (with maturity) to control our DNA’s reaction to the sight of women, but only partially. The fact is that we are captives to our gene’s need to reproduce. We’re transport and life-support for tiny pervs.

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