Time Out

One benefit of recording the weekly podcast is that I find myself saying things that I didn’t know were rattling around in my head. Something about the flow of conversation and microphones loosen the synapses to the point where stuff comes out from I’m not sure where.

It’s a little like dynamiting for opals, where you figure the explosion will unearth one thing and, once the dust cloud subsides, there’s a dinosaur bone at your feet. (For those who haven’t seen how opals are mined, it’s all gelignite and dust in an extremely dangerous underground shaft. The nature of opals is that they’re often created from the calcium found in ancient bones, so that old dinos and opalescent rocks are frequently co-located.)

An idea that slipped loose yesterday is one we brush over all the time. It’s the fact that luck plays a big part in who we meet and whether we hit it off or not. A closely related idea is that even if our cogs mesh reasonably well, the timing of meeting can affect the outcome enormously. If you’re entangled with someone else, we won’t work; if I’m working on an big business project, it might not work; if your last boyfriend turned you off men with cats, it probably won’t go far; if I fail to keep you amused to your satisfaction, you will look elsewhere.

None of these things alone will doom a strong attraction – or the desire for pursuit, should that exist – on their own, but unfortunate placement of events on a timelines might. Two timelines, actually, because two people with lumpy life bits skewing their thinking need to find a way around such bumps, especially if you’re just finding yourself on a smooth patch of road.

As with much in life, so much is in the timing.

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