Tell Me A Story

If you are a bloke and can tell a story you have an advantage.

I can say this with confidence because this study concludes that male romantic potential increases with an ability to tell a story. If you can’t weave a tale to hold her interest, you’ll have to find another way to keep her attention.

But wait: the study relied on reading a piece of writing by an (alleged) possible romantic interest, not hearing it.

That’s a big difference. Seems to me that on a date, handing a woman a sheaf of papers containing your best, curated pieces of writing might strike her as odd. Unless she’s a literary agent, of course.

I’d like to see some research regarding how women view men who can verbalize a story. Experience tells me that a talker who holds her interest will do better than the legendary strong silent type, or, worse, the talker with no point.

That’s our goal then, to be empathetic listeners, creative writers and engaging conversationalists. Snack.

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