Social Life

This study arrived at this conclusion: Males are less affected than females by their own attractiveness when choosing whom to date.

At first blush, this might not strike you as being news. Men, after all, are supposed to hunt women based on looks that in turn imply fertility. We certainly pay some consideration our own relative attractiveness, but being virile and male requires blindness to obstacles, especially if you were born with the ugly stick.

If we waste time thinking about whether we are in the same league as the female object of our interest, we risk losing her to a less introspective lad. Act first, tiger; think later.

It’s a jungle out there.

From the same study: Overall, these results suggest that more attractive people and less attractive people consider different criteria in date selection: Less attractive people tend to place less weight on physical attractiveness and greater weight on non-attractiveness-related attributes such as sense of humor.

In other words, beautiful people tend to date beautiful people, and those without good looks find other characteristics with which to judge attractiveness –  and relative attractiveness, more so if you’re a woman.

No real news to anyone there, either. Nature, in her own way, has found a way for all of us to attract and be attractive. She wants us to fructify, whether we conform to (what are pretty consistent) standards of hotness or not.

The researchers’ conclusion is a sweet one:

Much as Stephen Stills said in his famous song, people find a
way to love the ones they are with.