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I aspire to keeping order. You know the kind of mindset – everything it its place, a place for everything. Books should be sorted with recognizable logic (topic, author, fondness, year of publication), clothes by occasion, shoes likewise, the pantry by use-by date, music by association with past events. Pretty standard stuff.

People. Ah, now people aren’t as simple. As much as I’d like to corral people onto that shelf or into that nicely labeled hanging file, they resolutely refuse. Oh, they’ll keep being who they are for a while, adhering to their agreed position in my life, but then – darn it! – they go morphing into someone/something else. What’s up with that?

Trickiest are the dating scenarios. You think you’ve figured out a person and the kind of relationship you both want, and…poof! Something tilts, the storage tub falls, and stuff ends up all over the carpet. Someone then has to pick up the pieces and set their storage facility back to the neat way it was, minus a person.

Some girls just wanna have fun, some girls wanna hedge their bets, some girls wanna be serious and some girls are happy come-what-may. This might also describe one person at several different times, which is both dynamic, beautiful, fascinating and rather like whitewater rafting. You know that feeling after you’ve been through the rapids? You’re all wet and bruised, breathing heavily, smiling, exhilarated and wondering what the heck just happened.

Oh. And you want to go do it again. Immediately.

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