Online Danger

The victim met the guy online, and had been dating him for a few weeks.

This tragedy uncovers a few horrendous truths about that choice.

First among them is that there are homicidal people out there, and we probably won’t figure out who they are until it’s too late. Someone will know – in this case the parents – but you and I will not.

The most heartbreaking truth is that the victim’s three children will experience the pain of their mother’s death forever. Not only were their parents divorced, now this unimaginable distress. Consider that they are reportedly aged 8 to 12.

And another painful truth is that it will probably happen again.

Drawing any kind of conclusion from one extreme case is neither logical nor reasonable. We all over-ride fear and danger if the perceived reward makes that worthwhile. In this case, the calculation was wrong, and those poor children must bear the burden.

Dating is about choosing to be close to strangers in order to figure them out. Online dating is about being close to strangers whose motives are even murkier than the person you might meet in the course of your everyday life. Is assuming the best always the smartest plan?

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