Leave ’em Laughing

Women, we’re led to understand, are attracted to a sense of humor.

Statements like that are practically useless, not least because my sense of humor might be mere drollery to you, and your sense of humor might be confusing to me. It’s a universe big enough to drive a large hadron collider through. See what I mean?

Another thing: having a sense of humor and being funny are separate qualities. As obvious a statement as that is, the difference bears some thought. Because I am not funny, seeing – and reacting to – the funny is the next best thing. Yet again, we run into the roadblock of deciding whether your funny bone is made of the same material as mine. If we laugh at different ideas and actions, we both have a sense of humor without sharing it.

Let’s add these two traits to our list of compatibilities for which to look. Does she have a sense of humor, and how closely does it match or complement mine? And does she have the ability to make me laugh? Or does she have both?

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