Fashion Plate

Towards the end of last century, the bodysuit was a fashionable part of women’s wardrobes. My admittedly blokey description of this item was “like an adult onesie” when trying to remember the name.

The bodysuit, if you remember, was, in fact, an adult onesie made of stretchy material that clasped at the lower extremity of the lady’s torso. I am told that there were two styles: the push-stud fasteners and one other.

My memory of the bodysuit is that it was a pretty darn sexy piece of kit. For starters, it hugged the figure from the neck to the waist, revealing all the goodness of that region on a lady. Second was the smooth transition from this above the equator region to the below the equator region, a fierce stoker of the male imagination. Like all the explorers who came before, we guys like to imagine ourselves on voyages of discovery.

No doubt women have different memories. Because of the skin-hugging design of the bodysuit, every curve was visible, which might or might not have pleased the wearer. Then arose the question of what underwonders one could wear…which I think was partially solved by the internally braced bodysuit. And of course there’s the fatal flaw of that system of securing the dashed thing at the crotch.

The lady parts area really is no place for snaps, frankly. Difficulty with quick removal – bathroom purposes – and unexpected unfastenings – don’t lean over too much! – and the complication of knickers etc etc all contributed to the death of the bodysuit. Sad as it is, we’re not likely to see it return, despite my wholehearted encouragement.

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