Mutual Likability

On the warm and fuzzy side of getting to know someone is mutual likability. It’s the slowly advancing feeling that you’re gradually liking someone more and more, and that they feel the same.

Like walking up a gently sloping hill, discovering mutual likability might not strike you until you turn around to look at the view. The road isn’t effortless, but neither is it taxing enough to make you out of breath. Your emotion is, well, one of having nice big lungfuls of air and all those happy corpuscles moving sweetly around your bod. It’s a sense of being alive.

There is no telling where mutual likability will take you. On one hand it might lead you to something more relationshippy, or it might remain as a friendshippy kind of coupling. Part of the happiness surrounding this kind of mutuality is the thrill of possibility.

We need not go into the discord arising from one party deciding upon one path, and the other, the other. For now, let’s bask in the idea that knowing you like someone, and finding your thinking reciprocated, explains why we became social animals in the first place. It feels good.