To Be Me, or Not To Be Me

Two schools of thought:

A. She should take me as I am. And like it.

B. What can I do to get and keep her interest?

Neither works in isolation. Any coupling will involve both of us modifying our behaviour, some more than others. Imagine two partially inflated balloons fitting into a chest not quite large enough for the two of them. That’s the mental picture to keep in mind. We’ll need to shift, change emphasis and here’s the word….accommodate the other.

Both of us need to do so. For a successful coupling, that is, my assumption if not yours.

In looking at A. and B. above, do you think is says more about the person concerned or his or her romantic interest? If I choose someone whom I want to accept me totally as I am, is that likely to work out well?

And if I choose someone for whom I will change as required, will that work out?

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