Males need to separate themselves from the crowd if they want to attract ladies. The group that best understands this is the PUA community, who have turned being noticed into an art form. They call it “peacocking”.

Over-the-top displays mimicking horny fowl are not the only way. Standing out from the crowd has two elements: standing out, meaning being different and distinctive, and the crowd.

Your way of being special will not be mine. The crowd we’re attempting to distance won’t be the same either. And the kind of woman we’re looking for will also not match. That makes three elements.

My point is that standing out is a way to open a window to your personality and to the way you think. Finding a way to differentiate yourself from the guys standing beside you to the woman in front of you requires forethought. The hook that entices her will be not so much what you do, but the way you do it. Somewhere between calculation and rocket launch is where you’re aiming, but wherever you find the inspiration, it needs to be repeatable. Phonies come easily unstuck.

Peacock food: If you’re stuck on how to do this, think about it this way: women like guys who surprise them a little; who have a plan; who create their own pathway; who show that they’ve been thinking about her. That’s a start.

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