The ooze of famous people living their lives, well, everywhere, is the biggest sanitation problem of the 21st century.

I cannot help but wonder if we the people shouldn’t demand a public health stance from authorities. They should sluice this muck into Superfund sites or other toxic waste dumps. It’s at least as dangerous to our health as those WWII and Cold War leftovers, and probably a good deal more so.

Endless foolishness from media-created personalities distort real life. That’s the problem. If we’re looking for examples of how to be, the very worst ones pop up first. Everywhere. All the time.

Fighting our way (and I really do mean fighting, because the media are so smart at co-opting our brainspace) towards a sane coupling plane takes time and a thought. Overcoming poor relationship models and counter-productive advice is a challenge for most of us. Me more than anyone, by the way, but at least part of getting better is understanding the problem.

Celebrity relationships are the anti-matter of the coupling universe. Your life and my life are what matter…the real, important material we have to work with.

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