Poetry and a Pooch

Leaving a book of poetry hanging around is a good idea. DVDs of classic movies too, and I don’t mean Weekend at Bernie’s; think Citizen Kane and It’s a Wonderful Life. Big, modern works of “art” on the wall (you can make them yourself for extra value) work wonders. Oh, and a dog. Get a dog. A rescue, natch.

Finding ways to pique feminine interest isn’t difficult. Remember here, men, that we’re not doing this with one BIG statement. That’s male thinking. Instead, move yourself into her mindspace incrementally. A little piece of romance here, a snippet of intrigue there. Re-cast yourself as a Pier One store, but with quality.

This is complete artifice, of course. But if we want a leg-up in the leg-over stakes, we have to improve ourselves to the point where she approves, right? Being our usual linear, compartmentalized selves will leave her underwhelmed. And an underwhelmed woman is one already in the car on her way home.