Look Back In Amusement

In retrospect, my dating history reminds me of nothing as much as a Mad magazine. Instead of the usual bunch of idiots drawing cartoons and creating snark, there’s me, an idiot, blindly bumbling around creating chaos in my life and those of others. It’s a sad tale of immaturity, poor modeling, ego and failure.

There is a feeling I have that I am not alone in making a dog’s breakfast of my dating and relationship life. General practice appears to be parents expecting their urchins to be innately skilled at dealing with their own thinking, and their ability to deal with people as well as two sets of emotions and intellects.

Is that a fair distillation of human relationships? A meeting of two egos and all the accompanying infrastructure?

Even now, looking at that idea, the thought of being turned into the world to cope with making a success of being with yourself and with another looks immensely complicated. And here we are, turfing children into that mixing bowl with fundamentally no instruction.

Perhaps the question to ask is: Is human interaction a learned skill or is it really innate, and is there a way to prepare people to handle relationships with more aplomb than, say, a fool like me?

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