Dater in the Looking Glass

Alice’s adventures behind the looking glass are nothing compared to the life of an active dater. Dating life will vex us with misjudgments, unintended consequences, people who aren’t what they seem, people who are what they seem, dead-ends, roads to nowhere, unexpected events, disasters that aren’t, successes that might be and mad hatters. The result can make us nuts or philosophical. You choose.

Frustration at this messy business is natural. Look at what we’re trying to do. From a pool of many, many possible candidates, we’re attempting to pull one fish who can:

  • mesh with our life, both interior and exterior
  • understand our desires, wants, needs and expectations
  • be attractive to us physically and intellectually
  • maintain our interest over (hopefully) a lifetime
  • share spiritual and character values
  • possibly agree to devote decades to spawning and raising chill’un
  • be our best friend, confidante, backer, rock and in-house comedian

Just one. And we need to bear in mind that this ideal individual has a list of requirements for us that will look remarkably the same.

The random testing of candidates to fill this position remains a very hit-and-miss affair. Trouble is, what is the alternative?

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