Sedimentary, Metamorphic or Igneous?

The landscape of our dating and relationship histories probably fall into the same general categories that geologists use to characterize rocks. That is to say:

Sedimentary daters go through life gently putting down layers of experience, one relationship following another, all gradually creating a rich humus of understanding. Their interactions are calm, everything proceeds at a nice pace.

Igneous daters have love lives that begin with molten hot rocks, volcanic energy and emotions that well from deep within the core. Yes, after a while the magma cools to form something more solid – not to say interesting – but they always have some potential for a seismic event.

Metamorphic daters are the changers. They start off being one thing, but under the effect of pressure, or heat, or earthquake or meteor strike, divorce or infidelity, change to another. Sedimentaries become twisted and buckled, the igneous end up squished under lots of layers – they become someone different.

Now that we’ve simplified people, we can turn it to our advantage. If nothing else, our goal in the dating world is to become geologists. Job number one is figuring out just what kind of rock this is sitting in front of us. Is she igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic, and how does that fit with me?

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