I Can’t Get No….

…satisfaction, said the Rolling Stones in 1965.

Crikey, 1965. It’s an eon ago.

But the dissatisfaction with finding satisfaction persists. It’s an interesting word if we think about it within a couple. Here are the appropriate definitions:

a :  fulfillment of a need or want

b :  the quality or state of being satisfied :  contentment

c :  a source or means of enjoyment :  gratification

In my mind, the idea of my needs or wants being consistently fulfilled is way too high a standard. There is a threshold below which one might need to think about whether this person is right for me, but perfection is unobtainable. Reality check number one.

When one is dating, this word seems a good one to bear in mind. Are my needs or wants unreasonable? What is fair to ask of another person? When it really counts, will this person recognize that fact? Reality check number two.

Contemplation of how likely someone is to satisfy us (looking here at the second and third definitions) makes for a more valuable assessment then figuring whether we are in love.

This is another word in our #betterlovelanguage campaign.

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