Tyranny of the New

We appear programmed to look for the new.

I, for example, am intrigued with new ideas, new ways of approaching old problems, new ways of expressing thoughts.

There is a reason it’s called “news”, right?

(Although I do remember at one point thinking it was an acronym for north, east, west, south. But that destroys my argument here, so I’ll ignore that.)

New cars, new computers, new breakfast cereal, new diets, new clothes, new books and on and on. Whether the newness is leading us or we create the newness doesn’t matter at this point. The New Juggernaut is rolling and unstoppable.

So where does that leave the idea of long-term coupling? If we figure that, for most people and society that permanent attachment to another is good for us, what to do with the urge for the new?

How can we accommodate our desire for the unknown, the unexplored and the bewitching?


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