Man, Civilized


Sexy opinion-making doesn’t concern itself with much other than celebrity, gossip and fashion. By fashion I mean whatever’s fashionable, from clothes to concubines.

You know the blather; who’s with whom, what’s new, someone’s heart is broken, someone’s infidelity is exposed. The back pages of the newspaper have shifted to the front, where being salacious is barely enough to get noticed.

Serious opinion-making – such as we indulge here – is marginalized as boring or irrelevant. As far as the culture is concerned, I figure this reflects the increasing shallowness of our thinking. Our, meaning our community, society. Why take the time to dig a little deeper into the way we work when the excitement lies everywhere at our fingertips?

This plays poorly for better understanding coupling. If you think that getting our intimate interactions right is a starting point for being civilized, ditching the celebrity analysis might be a good start.