Do Your Duty

I am allegedly one of the lucky ones. My models – aka parental units – created zero expectation around my life. It feels liberating now, and also empty. When you receive no guidance as to the possible choices, an immature person is cast adrift. And drifting through life is not as happy as it sounds.

I am talking here about relationships and how to fit yourself onto the coupling plane.

More usually, young people are given a few vague ideas. You know the kind of thing: marriage is work, but a good thing; children are gigantically rewarding but provide pain until you die; you’re gonna get hurt so learn to get over it.

This is life.

They are also generalizations. Some people should never be married. Some people should never have children. And a lot of people do more hurting than are hurt. That is life, and the sappy advice from parents (who probably know dick about it themselves) will not help you.

We all must find our own way, incurring the smallest harm on others in the process. Heeding foolish media-driven advice and ignoring your own mind can lead only to unhappiness…and to that of the people around you.

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