The Big Book of Coupling

In my unerringly self-serving way, I think I deserve to couple with the best person the universe has to offer.

It is my right to expect the woman of my dreams to be forevermore as wonderful as I imagine and for her to want to please and delight me.

And if I fail to find that person, it’s because I didn’t aim high enough, right? I settled.

Just for fun, let’s mirror these statements.

In the spirit of being the best I can be, I figure if I work at improving the way I think, work and observe, good things might happen.

The only element of my life I can control is the way I think and the way I act. I accept that this will not guarantee success, nor steer me from failure.

All people take time to understand. If I plan to couple with someone, my life’s work is to have a deeper bond with that person, mostly by taking myself out of my ego, and looking at life through their eyes.

The Big Book of Coupling might not be so big, eh?

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