Lava Lamp

Fear of the unknown knows no fear like that men feel about female reproduction. Lady parts and their associated…temperament modifications are like the de-militarized zone between North and South Korea. In both cases there is a line beyond which both parties dare not step, and yet the fascination with what might happen if someone does persists.

My analysis is that guys don’t like exploring the egg and its nest phenomenon because it’s hidden. An element of magic, something beyond the corporeal creates a mystique about the internals therein. We don’t like messing with unpredictable stuff like that.

Men, I propose a different attitude. Ask questions. Seek information. Be upfront. Say things like:

Hortense, I hear that you become much hornier when you are ovulating; True or False?


Can you really tell when your eggs are fertilized?

or even

Gosh, how does it feel after your period?

Women love this kind of enquiry, because it offers a chance to tell you how they feel. Always a slightly amorphous ingredient, an open discussion about her bod can lead somewhere. Somewhere…interesting.

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