All Sales are Final. Thank You.

The dating model we’re used to is a form of marketing pitch. Sales, really, because as loveable as we all are, we’re pitching what we have, not what we think the market wants.

It’s an interesting point worth contemplating at some point, just how much we modify who we are so as to appear more appealing to our target market. If indeed we do define the type of mate we’re after, how much of ourselves can we tweak to gain their attention?

But that’s for another time. A salesperson has a product, in this case themselves.  He or she wants an opportunity to present that product, and for you to consider that product. That’s really the deal. Based on what the prospect sees and hears, they’ll either say yes, no, or opt for the free trial.

Disappointment is practically built in.  A sales approach by definition can only provide an outline, the broadest of overviews. If you believe, like I do, that attraction lies in the smallest points of magnetism, fighting your way through the billboard and mailer approach mitigates against actually finding decent coupling possibilities.


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