Sex Sells

Seeking Approval

…or so the aphorism goes. The advertising business loves nothing more than shorthand ways to get to your credit card.

Want to emulate sports stars? Here’s what you wear.

Need to feel powerful? Sit in first class.

Squirrely in the trouser? Watch this girl ogle your car while she dreams of oral.

Sex isn’t what sells; what sells is approval. When a man buys a car, he isn’t actually thinking of the sex. Sure, in the cloud computer of his brain it’s there somewhere. But the tangible reaction he wants to that shiny new BMW is more subtle, along the lines of…

…wow, nice car.

…gee, I like this color.

…great, the mirror on this side shows all my zits. God, where did they come from?

At which point he will inevitably ask:

So, you like it?

Translation: Do you like like me? There’s a possibility here?

In a male’s mind, a date who likes the car is on the road to sex, because even BMW owners aren’t dumb enough to think she’s gonna get down right in the parking lot.

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