Happy wife, happy life.

Because nothing rhymes with husband.

Wombat, 2015.


In many couples a kind of resigned mismatch of power lingers way too often. We see this in the monotony of daily life reflected in simmering resentment and thoughts of unfulfilled dreams. This kind of coupling looks from the outside to be more about toleration of the other than delight in him or her.

The fault – and I believe it is a fault – lies with both parties. Coupling is a garden that needs watering, fertilizing(!) and weeding. Coupling requires imagination. Coupling requires energy.

Let we men begin to regain a vibrant coupling feel by changing one thing. Men have a reputation for being less interested in cleaning the house than women. That’s probably accurate. But dopey men don’t realize how powerful is the act of cleaning before their wife does it.

You will note the bolded, italicized and underlined critical element here. Men, don’t wait for your lady to take out the bucket and sponge. Be mindful, proactive and useful by being the initiator. Find a way to motivate yourself to do this every day. Cleaning/vacuuming/polishing/tidying should be your habit, and here’s the kicker: Women. Think. Men. Who. Clean. Are. Sexy.

There. Watch how her opinion of you changes before your eyes. If that doesn’t get you on your knees in the bathroom, you are truly beyond help.