She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Magnetic Personality

Love – or what we call ‘love’ – can turn to hatred. Not every time, but often enough that it’s a recurring relationship theme. You know the story: none of my exes talk to me, they all hate me * resigned shrug *

Baffling to me is the way in which attraction morphs so quickly into repulsion. Like magnets drifting through the universe, two people encounter each other, and find themselves attracted…to the opposite pole. In magnetism, south seeks north, and north seeks south.

All it takes for matters to deteriorate is for one or another of the magnets to rotate 180 degrees. Neither of them has changed in any way, they are still the same magnets. Merely the direction one points in relation to the other is different.

Can we apply this to relationships? Perhaps. The way I look at it is as not so much in the obvious ‘opposites attract, like repels’ way, but more in the ‘I was attracted to this about her at first, but then came to see a complete other side’ way.

In other words, the reaction is all about the observer, not the observee. It’s me, sweetheart, not you.

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  1. Hello Nitebyrd! How wonderful to see you here.

    Yes, it does. Familiarity is like that. Unless you temper it with some strict discipline…or we could live in the crisper drawer. You know, the way the fridge people tell us we can keep the lettuce fresh.

    Maybe what we need is a relationship crisper drawer.

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