Flailing Around

Stephanie March

If you are looking to engage a lawyer, an accountant, a physical therapist, a surgeon, a hair stylist, a baseball player, a caterer, a wedding celebrant…just about anybody, you want to know about their track record.

Achievements and failures count. We use them to guide us when making a choice of one person over another. We do this every day. The process is called judgement.

One exception to this logical approach is when we look for a mate. Then, it’s all different. No, let’s not examine this prospect’s past for hints of character – c’mon, what does it really tell us? And besides, when he’s with me, he’s different. We’re meant to be together, we’re special. It’s a beautiful thing.

In the news today is the case of Flay v March, two minorly famous people allegedly enroute to divorce. Normally this wouldn’t be worth an ounce of attention, but it caught my eye that this Flay is beginning his third divorce proceeding. Third. At age 50.

Let’s think about that. Here is an intelligent and articulate man, successful in his field, who is unable to remain married to three women. Or, to put it the other way, three women are unable to remain married to him. The circumstances really don’t matter; his failures are there for anyone to see.

Women should look at this guy’s history and avoid him at all cost. Something about him and his behavior does not lend itself to committed long-term relationships with women. Why would anyone ignore the evidence?

We all know they will. Being wealthy, famous and handsome gives him cachet. He is on television, for Pete’s sake, which is apparently a reason to ignore everything about his past. Yet another reason to turn off, stand up and go for a walk.


Photo credit to thenewpotato.com