In my experience, women have no interest in exploring why men are the way they are. You accept us as accessories and ask your girlfriends about us when we displease you. Men, on the other hand, have the same reaction to women as they do to a complicated piece of software or machinery, which is:

What is she doing now? And why?

Unfortunately for us, we are as likely to seek peer advice about women as we are about that tricky new developer app. Less so, in fact. No man in our history has ever called a buddy and said:

Hey, dude. Hortense seems uptight that I offered to drive her and her girlfriends to the theater tonight. What’s up with that?

Alone we remain, turning the facts over again and again.

# I want H to have a nice time.

# She’s going to watch that movie with the gals.

# I figured it’s a nice thing to drive them and pick them up.

# That way they can relax and not worry.

# Isn’t this a good thing?

…and repeat. Where is the flaw in this logic?

If only we’d present this to a buddy. He’d say,

Yep. Hermione does the same thing. It’s unfathomable.

And we’d feel better.