Reality Drone

Okay, so let’s agree on some basics here.

I see three stages:

A. Is all about finding people, checking out the datescape, figuring what’s available, assessing what you are looking for.

B. Encompasses the process of separating out individuals from the crowd, refining your desires, eliminating entire groups of people to focus on a few.

C. Is the decision phase, figuring out whether you and a specific person are a match with a long-term future…or not.

Nothing enormously surprising in that lot. A large majority of folks trudged through these stages at some point in their lives, hopefully with happy results.

Here’s something I would like to focus on: Instead of making this an entirely one-way street, ie: figuring out what we want, would it not behoove us to reverse this, and wonder who is looking for us? Wouldn’t it be valuable – not to say realistic – to turn our personal dating lens back on ourselves?

Imagine a drone with a camera spending a week watching and recording everything you do and say…and I mean everything. The resulting video would then become your dating profile. No words. No puffery. No embellishment. Prospective dates would judge their interest entirely on what they saw and heard, unedited and unvarnished.

Would you want to be judged on what you did, rather then what you say you do?

My guess is that the person you would attract might be somewhat different from the person you had in mind. What do you think?

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