Two bulls were grazing side by side on a hill. Presently, a herd of cows meandered from the milking shed into a paddock some distance below them.

The bulls looked up, checking out the ladies. The younger bull motioned with his head to the older bull, saying…

Hey, look at that hot one with the nice big splotch on her side. He paused. I’m going to run down the hill and see if she’s up for some action. Quickly, come with me. I want to get her before someone else does!

The older bull looked at him and motioned for the younger male not to go.

Son, he said, no need to be so impatient. Let’s both walk slowly down to the ladies and get them all.

This is an ancient joke, told by risqué uncles and family retainers to young and immature men. Consider it one of the very few documented pieces of advice many men ever receive about how to pursue women. Or cows, for that matter.


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