More Mature Dating

Given our increasing activity around here, I thought a moment spent defining Kiss & Blog worthwhile. Specifically, I’ll address the idea of “more mature dating”.

So, I live in Florida, and I am 52. Oh, and I am single. It isn’t too hard to see where I am going with the idea of a blog and podcast about dating as a mature person – folks past their thirties do not lose their interest in finding and flirting with those who take their fancy, and I think there are matters to examine. For my purposes, I think of the K&B reader as between forty and seventy years of age, dating or not but definitely in the market, and bored with the superficial treatment adult daters are given in media. One thing we are not is superficial.

The flip side of the word ‘mature’ is that it need not necessarily imply age. Mature dating is an ideal that I think will benefit anyone, up to and including those crazy impulsive teens who know nothing and everything simultaneously. Just where are they receiving any kind of sober-minded advice on how to properly deal with their dating habits, sexuality and the way we think about this part of our lives? Few good places, I suggest.

There we are. If you want (mostly) non-trivial examination of how we behave, how we mess up, how we are driven and what we can change about our romantic lives, this might be the place.