It’s a Lovenado

It's not love, Tara

So, Sharknado 3 is in production, proof that bad ideas do not die, they just get worse.

Here’s another bad idea, from someone who has seen a few: Tara Reid is “…in love with being in love.”

Let’s be clear. Tara, or anyone else who has those stomach butterflies is not in love, she’s in limerence.

Big difference. Obsessive romantic love characterized by a “strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings” is not love. The question to ask is whether this feeling emanates from one’s lower self, or one’s higher self?

Is this feeling of being in love as ephemeral as a Sharknado movie or is it something deeper?


HT: Kregg for introducing me to the concept of limerence.

Photo credit: UK Daily Mail