Allowing Chaos

This universe is a chaotic beast, partly run on physics, partly on the flip of a coin. No matter which way you look at it, luck – randomness if you like – is a part of the equation.

Dating is the same way. We think we can narrow down the ‘facts’ and our experiences into a formula for success, but we are wrong. Our experiences are not all-encompassing, and the facts about human interaction are as definable as a waterfall. We can’t know everyone and we sure can’t predict how everyone will react, so as long as we remain carbon-based (as opposed to silicon-based) unpredictability will be a part of our relationship landscape.

Which is all the better, in my opinion. If finding and being with someone special was formulaic, there’d be no room for serendipity, or chance, or quirk. I like all of those things.

Bring on the chaos, whatever her name might be.