What Did He Say, Clarice?

Speaking personally, I would like to emphasize how powerful a woman’s scent can be.

For instance, when I first became aware of girls as sexual beings (in the sense that they were sexually very different from guys) at around fourteen, two things were clear: every babe has a distinct shape and smell. You will note the chaste tone of this, because at fourteen I wasn’t touching anything…you can smell and observe at a distance, so I took what I could get.

In a long line of smells I could use to place females in my life along a timeline, a few still sit proud:

* the saliva taste/smell of the first girl I kissed (with no technique, but gratefully, at age 15)

* my first sexual love’s letters to me, which she soaked in Chanel # 5.

* the breath-smell of a woman who used an asthma inhaler (not so sweet)

I imagine this all goes to the rudimentary (ok, reptilian) nature of the way our brains process smell, but it is none the less powerful for its simplicity. Wonderful, powerful, emotive and entirely consuming.


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