The Friend Zone

More mature dating means revisiting our ideas from a less mature time.

Amongst the half-baked maxims and foolishness of youth is the concept of the “Friend Zone.”

The Friend Zone is the immature male equivalent of land war in Asia – to be avoided at cost of your treasure and honor. Young men see relationships with females as a binary phenomenon. One either has a sexual liaison, or one is a friend. Guys consider this bifurcation as irreversible, and best avoided very early on, viz:

Dude, you don’t want to get caught in the Friend Zone. Being friended means never getting any action, man. You gotta put an end to that shit.

Experienced daters (ahem) with their more nuanced perspective on ladies aren’t so quick to separate the two. I would go so far as to advocate gaining as many women friends as possible, because you, the male, are the one being chosen. The timetable for the progress of the nascent relationship is biased towards the female, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Familiarity breeds intimacy.

Populating your Friend Zone with many women gives you allies in your search, a network of women who are keen to couple you up. From that group you never know who will emerge.

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