Relationship Inertia

Dammit, I just can’t get motivated.

I’ve been single for…counting the years…okay, if we’re counting years I hardly need be specific. Let’s just say “a long time.” And you’d think, as I do, that I would be keen to snuggle up to a sweetie. Well, of course…and maybe not so much.

It comes down to this. Having been single for that long, finding and keeping someone special in my life will require a change of thinking and acting, a change of course. And that will require application and effort. After all, once an ocean liner is steaming in one direction, you cannot instantly send it in a new one.

The other side of that coin is applicable too. If you’re in a relationship of some length, the habits (and ruts) we all groove into are just as restrictive. If a path you’re both on is heading over a cliff, somebody has to apply the brakes and help the other one find a new roadway.

In essence: being single and changing that requires effort and attention. Being attached and maintaining that requires effort and attention. I seem to have made a case for noting that nothing wonderful happens from an attitude of benign neglect.

Whatever. (sic)