Reading Chemistry

Interesting, the places you can find inspiration. I’ve been home all morning in the company of cleaning products, being domestic, keeping half an eye on Netflix re-runs of this series.

The house transformations are fun to watch, but what’s more telling is the interaction of the couples.


The premise of the show is that a couple looking for a perfect turn-key home are shocked into the reality that their budget won’t accommodate their dream. Renovating a dump is the way to get what they want. We follow that journey.

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Forget the real-estate; look at the people. You can see within a few seconds the nature of the relationship. Some couples are distant, some are perfunctory, others unbalanced, a few are fraught. Of course the editing process will slant what we see. Nonetheless, something about way these folks are highlighted reveals a lot. My theory is that because everyone’s focus is on the house and the work being done, they forget their usual personae. Stress leaves them emotionally naked to we the viewer, giving us a window into their emotional state.

Let me tie things up this way: Couples who are completely occupied thinking about something else exhibit behavior much closer to how they feel and who they are. Even with a tv production crew as their shadow, they forget they’re being observed as a couple. The focus on the giant house renovation fools them into thinking that no-one is watching.

* wrong *

The latest episode is particularly clear-cut. As a great example of a couple that you know will succeed together, the woman sits next to her husband with her arm tucked casually inside his. She occasionally touches his thigh and looks at him when he talks. Such tiny non-verbal statements of “…he’s my man…” and “…we’re a team…” shout togetherness and unity.

For men, of such consideration from their woman is undying devotion made.

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