Bimbo Eruption

In matters of the trouser, little evokes as much mock outrage as the bimbo eruption.

Frankly, I’m all for ’em. When some public figure – The Right Honorable Tiger Woods, some redneck from Arkansas – has to face his past paramours in public, well, what a delicious thing.

I write “in public” but in fact no-one actually has to face the women. We, the slavering public, are introduced to the so-called bimbos via lifted Facebook photos and  old yearbooks. The mock outrage part comes from the way defenders of these famous males seek to obfuscate and diffuse what is obviously going on here:

If you are a rich/famous/powerful man, you will be offered sex.

This is rule #5 in understanding male/female dynamics. You have what we want, and we work our entire lives to get it; if we have what you want, you get it. In the parking lot behind Perkins if you like.

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