Single at Christmas

It’s Christmas, and I am single. Oh well.

The Good:

~ Chinese food for lunch

~ no arguments with a sig oth over…well, anything

~ House of Cards binge. Again.

~ going out spontaneously or staying in spontaneously

~ the possibility of manipulating my “orphan” status into some snogging

~ time to polish my online dating resume, or even begin one 😉

~ finishing my year-long battle with a bio of Geo Washington

The Bad:

~ no Christmas morning sex (more than likely)

~ being an “orphan” people like to have around to defuse family disagreements

~ turning down these social invitations b/c of your “orphan” status

~ Christmas music

~ no-one to make me cups of tea whilst binge watching Breaking Bad. Again.

The Ugly:

~ falling for the “everyone has someone but me” syndrome

The Mysterious:

~ will this be my last Christmas alone?

The Weird:

~ why does everyone hate fruit cake?

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