Going Steady

We have a few different expressions for it:

+ going steady

+ exclusively going out with

+ seeing

+ she’s my girlfriend

All of these are round-about ways of telling the world something about our monogamy…something that doesn’t exist? From the Urban Dictionary:

“…when you are in a non-commit(ted) relationship, but are both still there until the next best thing comes along…”

Maturity and/or age don’t change our thinking about this. We like to hold on to the person currently closest to our ideal, even as we are alert for other, shall we say, opportunities.

We want what we have, and don’t want anyone else to have it, but we also want the option to bug-out, even as we don’t want to be bugged-out on. Make no mistake: this is a convoluted construct only the human brain could invent.

Which brings us to the heart of the dilemma; marriage is the only real commitment. Outside of that, do we have the right or ability to prevent a person we like or love from seeing other people?

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