Are You Interested?

Being single can become a habit.

Your view of yourself will gain a certain solid feel if you don’t take time to examine it. For example, I was at coffee this morning. A (male, married) companion asked me if I was interested in finding someone. He’s not one for indirectness.

As a bloke, it’s almost required to answer this with:

“Well, of course. Any filly who crosses my path and looks interesting is fair game!” etc etc.

But that’s a cliché. At fifty-two, with a more than full-time job and lots of plans afoot, the more honest answer is:

“Well, yes. But at the moment I don’t want the obligation, and I don’t have the energy. Meeting someone new, discovering if we’re a fit, and being mindful of them requires a LOT of energy. Which I currently don’t have. For dating, that is.”

Which makes me think that I really am in the habit of being single. Re-prioritization is in order.

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