1 + 1 is still 1 + 1

A perennial source of friction in relationships is Couples Expectation Syndrome.

Couples Expectation Syndrome is the discord felt in a marriage when one side thinks being married requires specific behavior in the spouse. An example is when wives (and it is overwhelmingly wives) expect husbands to do whatever the wife wants to do. The justification goes alone the lines of:

“Well, I thought we could go antiquing and then take tea at that cute place with the cottage-y decor.”

Of course, that’s fine if he is happy doing those activities, at that time. However, when his pattern would usually be for a game of squash or mowing the lawn at that time, changing his schedule unilaterally is disrespectful.

The expectation  of sig. oths. acceding to your wish without the courtesy of asking them is a sure-fire way to create distance.

Husbands. They are not another limb.

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